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Colour Moods


Discover your favourite mood


soft, pure & serene

Colours White

Mystery Nights

elegance & mystery

Colour mood Black

Down to Earth

comforting & organic

Colour mood Brown


extravagance & wealth

Colour mood Gold

Sandy Beach

neutral & softness

Colour mood Beige

Cloud Dancer

calm & relaxing

Colours Cream

Red Red Wine

powerful & ambitious

Colour moods Burgundy

All you need is love

passion & sensitivity

Colour mood Red

Forest Trees

harmony & hope

Colour mood Dark Green

On a Night Train 

stability & profoundity

Colour mood Pewter

Tuscan Holidays

generous & caring

Colour mood Olive Green

Sweet Dreams

kindness & friendship

Color mood Pink

Hello Sunshine

optimism & creativity

Colour mood Yellow

Reaching for the Stars

glamourous & sophisticated

Colour mood Silver

Autumn Walk

warmth & energy

Colour mood Copper

Sea Breeze

refreshing & clarity

Colour mood Acqua

Feeling happy

joy & enthusiasm

Colour mood Orange

Spring Meadow

freshness & growth

Colour mood Grass Green

Harbour Nights

serenity & reliability

Colour mood Dark Blue

Free your mind

wealth & sensuality

Screen Shot 12-20-21 at 10.48 PM.JPG

Creative Souls

wealth & wisdom

Colour mood Purple

Royal Treatment

prosperity & intuition

Colour mood Electric Blue


sophistication & excitement

Colour mood Champagne

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

serenity & infinity

Colour mood Sky Blue
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