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What to think about when buying shoes

a little bit of information to make your choice a lot easier



This is the most important factor when choosing shoes. Shoes should feel 100% right from the first moment you try them on. If they don't, you should try a different model. You want happy feet when dancing.

And if you want to buy new shoes, better do it before you start dancing for better judgement.



Shoes should be stable, even when you're on stiletto's. Good balance comes from within you, but it will improve when you wear the right shoes. Many women think that low or thick heels maintain a better balance. However, the shoe's construction is the main factor for it's stability. Lunatango shoes are designed to maintain this stability.


Position of the heel

Your heel should function as a continuation of your leg to the floor. It should be positioned right under the heel bone, as if it grew vertically out of the centre of the heel. Thanks to the right position of the heel in relation to your body, you feel secure in the heel supporting your weight, even if it's a stiletto. Make sure the heel is not slanted toward the front of the shoe, nor positioned at the back of the heel.


Heel height

Try to stay away from very high heels. When the heels are too high, you will find it hard to keep your balance, furthermore it might put pressure on your calves. The higher the heels, the more weight you'll put on the front of your feet. And remember, a heel hight of 7,5 cm is higher for a 37 than a 41.


Supporting your heel

The heel of your shoe should support up to half your body weight. They should not send all your weight forward to the ball of your foot. By distributing your weight properly and using your feet correctly, you eliminate stress on the balls of your feet. No need for extra padding in your shoes.


You can't judge a book by the cover ...

Same goes for shoes. You can't judge a shoe by just looking at it or tapping the footbed. You need to put them on and feel them, feel the stability, feel the weight is balanced. Needless to say that all feet are different, so you need to try different models and feel which model is the perfect fit for your feet.



Which soles should you choose, leather or suede soles? Your choice depends on the floor you dance on. Leather soles allow you to glide and pivot easily on various surfaces. It also is more durable. Suede is a good choice on slippery floors such as parquet. When dancing on a rough floor, you will feel resistance, which is strainful for your joints when pivoting.

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