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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I order shoes in half sizes?
    2HB for men and women and Lunatango for men are available in half sizes. All other brands have full sizes
  • Can you order different heel hights for any model?
    Our brands work with standard heel heights only: Lunatango: 5,5 cm, 7,5 cm & 8,5 cm TangLeike: 5,5 cm, 7,5 cm & 8,5 cm Katrinksi Vintage: 6 cm Lunatango men: 2,5 cm & 3,5 cm 2HB men: 1cm (caraibiche), 2 cm (tango nuevo), 2,5, 3 cm, 3,5 cm & Cava (Tango ARgentino) 2HB fiori: 6 cm
  • Can you order a model with different widths?
    All our shoes are availlable in standard widths. Some models are wider, some are narrower. One model cannot be ordered in a wider or narower version.
  • How can I make an appointment?
    Book your appointment online or contact us via mail or WhatsApp, and we'll find the perfect time for you to fit your favourite shoes. For organisational purposes we kindly ask you to book a few days in advance.
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