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Getting a step closer to a gift from us to you

We like to reward our customers for their trust and loyalty.

Loyalty Programme_edited_edited.jpg

Since we are mainly active at events and our demoroom, we manually keep track of your points.


See how you can earn points:

  • For every 1€ purchased you receive 1 point (leave your name and e-mail so we can keep track of your points earned)

  • Become site member and receive 100 points

  • Send us a review for our site and social media and receive 250 points


Redeem your gift:

  • 110 points: receive a hand fan worth 11,95€

  • 150 points: receive a hand fan worth 15,95€

  • 210 points: receive a hand fan worth 21,95€

  • 250 points: receive a hand fan worth 25,95€

  • 500 points: free shipping within Belgium

  • 1200 points: free shipping to Holland, Germany, France

Contact us to find out how many points you've already earned.


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