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Welcome to Malena


comfortable shoes handmade

in Buenos Aires and Italy



The brands

Lunatango (Buenos Aires)

Katrinski (Buenos Aires)

2HB (Italy)

Tango Leike (Buenos Aires/Italy)

Spanish Fans


Malena's Story

About 20 years ago I was infected by the tango virus. Over the years I have danced countless hours and worn out a lot of tango shoes. Which made me wonder, does it exist, an elegant tango shoe that fits like a glove?


In search for this elegant comfortable shoe I came across Lunatango. Shoes designed by Marie, a French student, and Diego, an Argentine tango dancer, who met in the milongas in Buenos Aires. Out of love for each other and for tango, Lunatango was born. They make the tango shoe they always dreamed of as a dancer. One that allows you to dance the night away, comfortable, stable, elegant and without any frills. During our personal acquaintance I am trying on the shoes and it is immediately clear. This is it! The shoe I was looking for.

For the past 10 years, I make sure that you only have to think about your shoes when you are getting ready to go to a milonga. Because happy tango feet, that's what my goal!

For some time now, the collection has grown wider including the fantastic Katrinski flats and vintage shoes, ideal during class and for leading. With Tango Leike I bring the southern frivolity of Italian design to the north and let ladies with somewhat wider feet enjoy a comfortable evening of dancing. Men can also choose 2HB, a family business that has specialized in making dance shoes for 3 generations.

Do you also want happy tango feet? Then be sure to visit our showroom! And remember to make an appointment in advance.



Lunatango Gota Beige 85mm.jpg


Come visit us at our demoroom in Antwerp

and find the perfect shoe for your feet

we work by appointment


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